A multi-discplinary art-party based in Manchester/Salford, Charlie has produced several participatory performances for RITE, hosted the cabaret event, and curated installation pieces. He also ran workshops for performers and volunteers to train in playful performance techniques. 


His first foray into participatory performance, Charlie cleansed people of their outdoor energy before leading them into a visioning exercising, summoning both the deceased and still ceasing spirits of appropriate celebrities such as Beyoncé or Elvis Presley to grant them good fortunes.  

People generally enjoyed themselves, but Charlie has yet to track the progress of participants to check the success of the rituals.

At a later RITE event, Charlie created the WOMB with visual artist Thea Ludcock. The womb space was created as a plush, relaxing, safe environment for people to return in order to escape the hedonism of the dance floor. 


The WOMB was later donated to a collective of squatters and activists in the Greater Manchester area.


Going a slightly different route for the last RITE event, Charlie created Pseudo Monarchs of Hell with artist-performers Jazz Chatfield and Lenni Sanders. Fulfilling dreams of legitimising the cardboard fort as an art form, the trio creates a hellish box den. Participants were asked to choose the demon-monarch they would most like to summon from a handy selection list based on Demonology books, and, having appropriately raised said demon, a voice would issue forth to grant the audience's deepest desire at a price. 


The resulting environment created was so dry and loud all performers suffered considerably for their art.