As with many, my work has been put on hold for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. But this will be a time to plan, regroup and reconnect. Solidarity to everyone struggling out there, and hopefully we will make it through this crisis as best we can. Stay safe.

I'm working on a new solo project about the systems of power, ego, apathy and the madness of hope. It is centred on Keng, who is a King, a surreal and grotesque outsider, who calls for the audience to take down the system, in order to reinstate the system. Borrowing from DIY live-art culture, Hark! Hail! is a raucous, stupid show.


I did a scratch of the work at the Lowry Theatre on 20 Feb which was excellent and full of surprises.

I'll be taking to the streets again with Reckless this Spring, bringing their anarchic, comedic and celebratory work to the UK and internationally.

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You can find me a couple of nights a month parading the platforms or rocking the mike in Albert's bar, bringing some well needed chaos to the weekend.

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Peformers' Playground : Complication Street

In August I finished a R&D with Mark Winstanely and Alice Robinson's Performers Playground Company, developing a commedia dell'arte street theatre show. It was performed in Manchester at various outdoor locations, as well as at Gorse Hill Studios. It was directed by Ollie Crick.

I was very lucky to be involved in the short film Anorak, directed by Andrew Ball-Shaw, as the lead which has received several awards and nominations, including Best Actor in a Short from Flicks Film Festival 2019, and Best Student Film Actor from Prodigy Film Festival 2018! 

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